Text Box: Lumber - Sheetrock – Shingles – Brick – Asphalt
Metals – Iron – Cement – Grass Clippings 
Leaves – Small Trees/Brush 
(tree trunks can not be larger than 
6” in diameter) - Any Green Waste
All Construction Material from any Construction Project

Accepted Items

Text Box: Carpet & Carpet Padding -Tires – Refrigerators Stoves – A/C Units - Hot Water Tanks 
Sofas – Lazy-Boy Chairs
Children’s Toys – Bicycles – Clothing 
Lawnmowers – Household Trash – Food Waste Asbestos – Creosote – Domestic Waste
Flammable Waste – Hazardous Waste
Infectious Waste – Liquid Waste Paint (Liquid Form) - Volatile Waste

Prohibited Items

1)  All visitors must stop at office upon each visit.

2)  All loads will be inspected by a LA DEQ Certified Solid Waste Operator.  Do Not proceed until your load has been inspected.

3)  The operator will record your license plate # and material disposal type(s).

4) If unloading assistance is needed and you are NOT properly equipped a $10.00 fee will apply.

5) The operator will inform you of your current charge.

6) You will be instructed on where you will be unloaded in the landfill.  If your materials are not permitted for the landfill you will be instructed accordingly.

7)  Only 1 person is allowed out of the vehicle while the excavator is unloading your vehicle/trailer. 


8)  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Disposal Guidelines

Text Box: Please be cautious of all moving machinery & fellow customers.

Accepted & Non Accepted

Text Box: If you are not sure if the type of waste you have would be classified as construction debris, just ask yourself if that item would be used for a construction or remodel project.  If you are still unsure please give us a call.